Poenskop Village Tour



Poenskop Village Tour

From Jungle Monkey you walk straight down to the ferry which allows you to cross the Umzimvubu in just a couple of minutes. On the other side of the river you walk along one of the most scenic beach routes in Port St. Johns, until you get to Poenskop beach where you can enjoy a refreshing swim in the beautiful lagoon. From there you walk to the other side of the beach where an open cave awaits your exploration. Finally you take a short last walk up to the village of Poenskop, where you enter a traditional Xhosa hut and have a traditional Xhosa meal with the local chief and his family. We will pick you up and give you a ride back to Jungle Monkey from there.

Duration: 4 – 5 hours, Price: R 150.00, degree of difficulty: 3


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