Isinuka Sulphur Springs (Mud Caves)



Isinuka Sulphur Spring

Isinuka Sulphur Springs (Mud Caves)

Isinuka Sulphur Springs (Mud Caves): Take a short ride outside port St. Johns to the Isinuka Sulphur springs where you will find different Mud Caves and springs which are believed to have special healing powers. The Mpondo people consider this site a sacred area. The sulphur water is traditionally used to cure stomach and skin ailments. To reach the pure springs, you climb on the roots of a huge fig tree as an improvised staircase. Cover yourself with skin-replenishing mud and then take a dive into a sacred pool to cleanse your revitalized body.

Duration: 1 – 2 hours, Price: R 80.00, degree of difficulty: 2


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