Fire at Jungle Monkey

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Fire at Jungle Monkey

Fire at Jungle Monkey



Hi Everyone,


As most of you probably heard by now Jungle Monkey’s bar, restaurant, office and entertainment area burned down on Tuesday, 10. May 2016. Most importantly, no one got hurt, everyone was evacuated in time.

The fire started in the kitchen area about 10:30pm (after closing). The staff available tried their best to fight it with several fire extinguishers but it spread too quickly. Within minutes the whole place was a light.

Phone calls were made to the police, fire brigade and community members for help. With the help from the above the fire was stopped from spreading any further and eventually put out at about 12:30am.

The accommodation area was untouched and is therefore still available.

For now we can only provide self -catering accommodation.

We are working on catering for our guests and there are several restaurants and bars available close by.

Jungle Monkey’s bar and restaurant will be closed for public until further notice.

Please contact us on our cell: 0726834595 or send us an email : for booking enquires.

We are more then happy to accommodate you !!!


A big thank you goes to everyone that was involved in helping us and for all the support and understanding.


Kind regards,


The Jungle Monkey Crew


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