Crowd funding appeal to #RebuildJungleMonkey

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Crowd funding appeal to #RebuildJungleMonkey

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Hi Everyone,

It has been just over a week since we had the fire at Jungle Monkey.

It has destroyed our entertainment area, restaurant, bar, office and most of our valuables and assets to run the business.

We are still waiting to clean up as still not all the assessments have been done.

With our bar and restaurant gone the income is fairly little and at the moment not covering all our costs.

We are waiting on the insurance to give us feedback but things are going very slowly.

Therefore we have started this funding site to raise a bit of money for the upcoming difficult weeks/months ahead.

There are plenty of running costs, wages and retrenchment packages etc.. Any cash will help and go towards bills to pay.

If you have any spare furniture, building materials, musical instruments, cutlery, crockery, love and happiness please send it our way.

Thanks so much for all the support.

The Jungle Monkey Crew

Standard Bank

Acc. No. : 241823625
Branch: 052621 ( Mthatha West)
Swift Code: SBZAZAJJ

One thought on “Crowd funding appeal to #RebuildJungleMonkey

  1. Yhoooo God Jungle MonkeyIs a nice place in port st johns be strong Mike we are part of Jungle monkey family, you gonna rebuild it fast Mike i knw you, you are not a lazy guy God watch you.

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