Crossover with The Cross Over at Jungle Monkey in PSJ

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Crossover with The Cross Over at Jungle Monkey in PSJ

Be treated to live music, most nights at Jungle Monkey Backpackers, in PSJ. The Cross Over is one of Port St. John’s newest formations of great musicians. A mix of African and western tunes gets everyone dancing until late at night.

The Cross Over
The Cross Over can be seen performing live at The Jungle Monkey.

Music has always been a main feature of The Jungle Monkey. And The Cross Over shares the stagetime with other local talent, some superstars and of course the evergreen travelling muso’s that traipse the planet via the backpacker world. Some nights it’s practically an open mic and anybody with some talent is welcome to perform (it’s NOT karaoke though!).

Jungle Monkey Backpackers sure look forward to having you come down the gorge and into Port St. Johns for a nature soaked sojourn into the sunny atmosphere that characterises this classic old port town.

The ocean holds a treasure trove of experiences Рyou can head out to sea, hit the beach or just chill on the verandah and scan for whales and dolphins that swim by.  And at the right time of the year (June/July) РSardines!

And then go inland and explore the gorges and rivers on a hiking trail with local guide Lu. Head up to the runway for a sunset. Shopping in the busy little town is always fun. And the restaurants in the area are top class on all levels, let alone the capable kitchen right here.

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